Dust removal and recovery devices for crusher application mainly include cyclone separator and cyclone separator + secondary dust removal. The secondary dedusting device is arranged under the cyclone separator. The dust in the crushed particles falls down by the negative pressure airflow of the secondary dedusting centrifugal fan. The negative pressure airflow can be adjusted by the air flow to ensure the dust removal effect.


The cyclone separator is a high-speed gas generated by the volute centrifugal fan, which absorbs the crushed particles in the suction box of the crusher under negative pressure and relies on the rotary motion caused by tangential introduction of air flow, so that the solid of crushed particles with large inertia centrifugal force is thrown towards the wall of the separator cylinder, and the crushed particles rotate and fall down to collect, while the air flow is discharged from the top through the filter bag to the environment. The main function of cyclone separator is to transport and collect crushed particles.

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